Princi Vershwal

About Me


I am a pre-final year student, pursuing Bachelor of Technology in Metallurgy and Material Sciences from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee. I am a keen learner and I love to code. In IIT Roorkee I am associated with groups like Programming and Algorithms Group (PAG) and Software Development Section (SDS) that have introduced me to programming and development. As a student my curiosity drives me to explore and learn. I believe in spreading happiness to create a better world! .


I have done my primary schooling from Bangalore, Karnataka, India. Later I grew up in Roorkee, Uttrakhand, India and currently I am a resident of Kasturba Bhawan IIT Roorkee, Uttrakhand, India.


I have keen interest in computer science and I love programming. Hence, I can be found near my system most of the time. I mostly write in javascript and C++. I enjoy doing competitive coding in my spare time. Open source is my recent interest and I am becoming a linux lover. Its always an unique experience to see that your code is being used in large projects.
My research interest lies in Biomaterials. I am currently working on protein adhesion on neural scaffolds.


I absolutely love travelling and solo trips are just my thing. I enjoy singing and had been introduced to theatre through dramatics section of my college. Sketching and watercolor painting is a recent interest of mine. Usually I would be found binge watching TV shows or hanging out with friends on off-days.


Hippocampal neurons

Protein adhesion on neural scaffolds

January 2017 to Present

School Picture

Study on student behaviour

July 2016 - December 2016

DS project image

Study Project on Data Structures

January 2017 to Present

Electronic voting App

Electronic voting App

February 2015



February 2014


Drams logo

Dramatics Section, IIT Roorkee

August 2014 - December 2011

Member of the Dramatics Society of IIT Roorkee, Performed a street play as a part of Cultural Week- 2014. Also, performed as a lead in a play in the orientation of freshers.

Sankalp Logo


February 2014

Sankalp is an initiative for Social Upliftment, on behalf of Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee. I was co-coordinator of the Marketing team of Sankalp'15.

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July 2015 - Current

Active member of PAG, a group of enthusiastic and young programmers with the aim of improving the algorithmic, mathematical and programmatically problem solving capability of students of IIT Roorkee.

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Geek Gazette

August 2014 - Current

Geek Gazette, IIT Roorkee's technical magazine aims to satisfy the geek inside every one of us by providing insightful articles, tricks & latest tech researches. Grab an issue and you'll proudly wanna call yourself an uber geek. Currently, I am the vice president of the magazine.

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Alumni Relations Cell, Metallurgical Engineers’ Society

August 2014 - August 2015

Executive member of our department's student body, Metallurgical Engineers Society(MetES) where I was actively involved in maintaining Alumni Relations of MetES and the department.

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National Service Scheme (N.S.S)

July 2014-April 2015

Designed posters for N.S.S events like Blood Donation camp and volunteered for various events like Swachh BharatAbhiyan, fund collection for Kashmir flood victims and Blood Donation camp.